EuropeSprint2021 150x150Next IUSTI-Europe Spring Webinar:  June 30

17.00 BST / 18.00 CEST / 19.00 EEST & Moscow time

N. gonorrhoeae and M. genitalium – Treatment Challenges

An expert view on our aims for managing these infections and the optimal antibiotic strategy

  • View from the ClinicDr. Andrew Winter
  • Optimising antibiotic efficacy and usageProf. Magnus Unemo
  • M.genitalium: when to test, when to treatProf. Catriona Bradshaw
  • Multi-Drug Resistant M. genitaliumDr. Jorgen Jensen
  • Why do some drugs become Orphans? How to save them?Dr. Rudolf Widmann

Participation is free, but registration is required.



Future Webinars:

The webinar coordinators, Dr. Derek Freedman and Prof. George Sorin Tiplica hope to continue this series of IUSTI-Europe Webinars in the Autumn of 2021!
See you soon!