We live in demanding times. COVID-19 is not only greatly affecting our occupational and private lives but as well the possibility to hold and attend conferences and meetings.

Hence the 34th IUSTI-Europe conference on Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS to be held at the beginning of September 2020 in Bucharest, Romania, had to go virtual. This was the very first IUSTI-online-conference. It was kind of an experiment and the organizers – conference president George Sorin Tiplica and chair of the scientific programme Marti Val Mayans – were pioneers.

And it went extremely well! The outstanding scientific programme was presented by highly motivated speakers from all over the world, the technical conditions worked fantastically, the sessions were very well attended and the discussions were lively. Moreover, the lectures could be recalled for more than one month later which was used by many participants.

So the resume of the Bucharest meeting is: It was an extreme success. Congratulations to Sorin and his team!

After the conference is before the conference. It is a pleasure to announce that Henry the Vries will host the STI & HIV 2021 World Congress, 14-17 July 2021 which was planned to be held in Amsterdam, but will be a virtual edition as well.