Europe Full Member

£ 40.00 for 1 year

Full Membership of the Union is open to individuals with a professional interest in the study, prevention or control of sexually transmitted infections. A medical qualification is not a requirement for full membership. The cost of Full membership of IUSTI is different for different regional branches. For the European Branch, the cost is GBP £40.00 for the calendar year in which you join.
On payment confirmation you will receive an email with a link to create your membership certificate with the option to download the PDF. You will also receive an email reminder shortly before your membership is to expire.

Full members are entitled to all privileges of membership including voting rights and a reduction in registration fees at most IUSTI regional and world meetings. The membership fee has been set so that it will be attractive to anyone who participates regularly in IUSTI events. It is anticipated that any member who attends at least one IUSTI meeting every two years would recoup their membership dues via the discounted registration cost.

IUSTI-Europe members also receive a quarterly newsletter.

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